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That Gypsy Angelina

An authentic, Creative Director aiming to share beautiful images, illustrations, designs, conversations and heart that evoke feelings of self-worth, equality and imagination.

A tasty serving of communication, visual arts and lifestyle for your senses

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A tasty serving of communication, visual arts and lifestyle for your senses

Creating, sharing and including. - Product Photgraphy

What Do I Do?

  • capture content with a purpose, in photography and videography.
  • design with my heart, through illustration and graphic design.
  • facilitate necessary, and genuine conversations through insightful blog posts.
  • strategize and innovate to produce personal and professional branding.
  • promote genuine human connections and give back to the community.

I create. I share. I include.

Who Am I?

I am a Creative Director with a passion for artistic visual communication. A qualified Visual Communications Specialist honing experience and skill as a photographer, designer, illustrator, and a social media specialist. I offer an extensive range of creative skills, data analysis and brand semiotic media services to assist businesses with their key message and their goals.

Need any of my skills? I am a package deal and don’t disperse minimally. Fill out the contact form brief and start your visual communications branding with purpose.

Meet Angelina Raisa

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