An epiphany

As I stood in the shower trying to wash my hair, out of (pro DIY designer and data analyst) habit, I gaze over the typography, design and written information of the products in my shower.

Reading the tag lines, I felt a little bit smug and quite frankly irritated when I came across a tagline that states “only a hairdresser knows”.

I have read this tagline several times and felt the irritation. “What does the hairdresser know that I don’t know?” I thought to myself.

Nailed it DIY design

Irritated that it was assumed that I was not intelligent in the ways of hair… but it wasn’t saying that I wasn’t smart.

I pondered it for a lot longer… (weeks really) wondering why it irritated me so.

Though I did happen to know a fair bit about hairdressing because I once was a hairdresser (like a whole lifetime ago). The difference is now I really ‘don’t know’ and let me tell you why we ALL don’t really ‘know’.

Beauty Resource 2.0

DIY culture habits

These days we are used to the DIY design culture. We try to dye our own hair, create our own logos, market our own businesses, we even try to Google and Web MD our own symptoms when we are sick. But in the end what happens? What do we really know?

If we want to start using chemicals and taking medications, we need a prescription from the professionals that understands your body and the products you consume. A hairdresser understands the true state of your hair, the density and the chemicals in products that they have used. A marketer understands data, algorithms, consumer behaviour and so much more. And a graphics designer knows about creating something to suit your audience as well as your brand personality along with theory, semiotics, the psychology of consumer behaviour, programs, the difference between vector files and image files and so much more.

We wouldn’t go to a skin and beauty therapist and tell them how to do their job. I may tell them what type of treatment we’d like but we don’t need to tell them the process on how to use their products and skills. We also haven’t invested in the tools, products, licences and whatever else it takes to run an beauty shop.

Squeezing isn't easy - DIY life

Illustrated image by Angelina Raisa available for free download via resources page.

Why you should continue DIY and why you shouldn’t

We all DIY design something, question yourself do you DIY because you enjoy it? Are you DYI’ing because your financial priorities lay somewhere else? Or do you DIY because you don’t see the value in other people’s time to study their professional fields? Is DIY’ing really easy peasy lemon squeezy?

To get what you really need you go to a professional, to get the prescription you need you go to a doctor, to get ice cream you go to the ice cream shop, to get balayage hair you go to a hairdresser. If you want to continue to DIY, there are so many places online that share the professional knowledge you need. Learning from professionals take you from DIY disaster to skilled pro’s.

The expert in you

We are all experts in something whether it’s from personal or professional experience or study. You de-validate yourself when you de-validate others. Remember we are all absolutely unique in our own journeys and there is absolutely a place for you at the table. We can choose to DIY your hair but make sure you read instructions manuals. You can DIY design but make sure you read about quality and pixels. You can DIY your branding plan but make sure you download my Branding Business Plan template filled with designer tips.

Make sure you follow my Pinterest as I post more tips there weekly than I do blog.

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