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Why do you DIY design?

An epiphany As I stood in the shower trying to wash my hair, out of (pro DIY designer and data analyst) habit, I gaze over the typography, design and written information of the products in my shower. Reading the tag lines, I felt a…
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Social media; a tool to shape your future, it’s your choice.

Image by That Gypsy Angelina Have you been on social media today? I'd be shocked if you said no; no matter how early in the morning it is. Social media is becoming part of our daily routine just as we brush our teeth and put…
Glitter Laptop
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4 Fun and beneficial things to do during social isolation

Let’s take some time to work on the bucket list for at-home growth and happiness. Dealing with a worldwide pandemic can derail your direction in life or worse, keep you stagnant. Why not make the most of this time for your personal growth? We…
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New branding, who dis.

I am that gypsy, Angelina New me, new branding; it's personal now. As a qualified Visual Communications Specialist, Passionate Humanitarian & a very good cook (ask my friends) it’s no secret that I have put a lot…
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Did you know you’re already an influencer?

What exactly is an 'influencer'? The technical term & meaning An influencer refers to a person that uses online social media platforms to engage with an audience, using their skills or personal opinions (endorsements) to provide…
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