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New me, new branding; it’s personal now.

As a qualified Visual Communications Specialist, Passionate Humanitarian & a very good cook (ask my friends) it’s no secret that I have put a lot of eggs in many baskets. I closed my business more than a year ago and I have been working slowly behind the curtain to show you all that I was that business and it was me.

There are often blurry lines when you run a business and live it daily. Defining what I am in the entrepreneurial culture consumed me in an unhealthy manner. It was hard to draw boundaries as for me business was far too personal.

It was along this time I realised I did not want to be a business nor a sole trader as such BUT I still wanted to provide my knowledge and share my passions while building the community culture.

Being a bit of an identity explorer I could not define myself to anyone message. But I am not a business trying to sell anything. I am a person that wants to offer experiences and growth, along with a tasty serving of communication, visual arts &  lifestyle for your senses.

I am that Russian gypsy that wants to overfeed you, share knowledge and not be defined by any one thing.

Preferring long-term employment in the later future but open to commissioned projects & supporting good causes.

Just as I previously had, I will offer a combination of information relating to media, branding identity and sociocultural behaviours. This information will all be tied into my passion for humanity and how you matter.

As always I will illustrate and photograph passionately beautiful art to inspire and provoke thought.

But what I hope to bring into this new venture is my love of design, semiotics, communication and culture. With this, in the long term, I hope to add my love of food and my heritage of Russian food by cooking. Cooking is a way to bring communication together and pleasing the senses while nutritionally feeding not just your body but your soul too.

Do you see the connections I have drawn between these perfectly curated topics? I’d love to know what you missed about my previous business Asiara Media and what you’d like to know more about. What do you think? Comment below. 


If you’d like to learn about the process I am implementing to my personal brand download the Business Branding Bible for under $10.

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