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Let’s take some time to work on the bucket list for at-home growth and happiness. Dealing with a worldwide pandemic can derail your direction in life or worse, keep you stagnant. Why not make the most of this time for your personal growth?

We are all passionate about something and there are ways you can grow from the comfort and safety of your home more than ever before.

Starting with the less obvious;

1.) Brush up on new skills with a variety of online resources

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Use technology for learning

Image illustration by That Gypsy Angelina

A.) Well, of course, there are all those emails you subscribed to that you may be getting a ton during this time. Don’t consider it spam or a nuisance. You once signed up to it for a reason. Revisit the blog posts and websites, you’ll often find a new gem you ignored while you were busy.

B.) If you are looking to advance your skills in academia, creativity & networking LinkedIn and Lynda. com have combined to become LinkedIn learning. This platform has a variety of learning possibilities for every professional. The best part is; you can add it to your resume of skills and apply it to your career goals.

C.) If you are an Adobe Creative Cloud member, there are various learning opportunities you can jump into with the various programs offered.

D.) If you need something a little lighter for the brain fog you could be having during the stress of ‘rona go with something simplified like YouTube. A great platform for simplified learning opportunities.

2.) Read those books you never got to start

Reading grows the mind
Image created by That Gypsy Angelina

This goes without explanation because we all have at least 1 book we decided just wasn’t enough time for and it went back on the shelf for display.

Alternate between Fiction and non-fiction to explore your creative mind and your intellect.

3.) Learn the power of growing something from what is in your fridge

It is so satisfying to watch a seedling grow and you can see results within 1-2 weeks depending on your seedling choice. This will also be self-beneficial and save you money one day. It may not be much to start with, but it all starts somewhere.

My personal favourite would be capsicum and tomatoes because these are the easiest, to begin with from home. You can grow almost any fruit and vegetable from your current selection in your fridge.

4.) Start a challenge and share it online

This could be a fun activity that could go viral and be of positive influence during this time. Creating something as simple as an art challenge or exercise challenge for your family, friends and followers could save even one person’s mental health.

I have started a left-hand drawing challenge (I’m right-handed) and I started this mainly because my right arm has an injury, but it has been a fun saving grace for a creative like me that just can’t sit all week without creating something.

I share my challenge mainly on TikTok to explore the app and learn other things too.

Isolation left hand drawing challenge
Image by That Gypsy Angelina

The important part of an isolation

It is important to remember that this isn’t going to last forever. So, while Netflix may be tempting, you will need to have an active mind and body once you emerge out in public or back to work one day (soon hopefully). Having an active brain and body is important for your physical and mental health. It’s time for your personal growth. What great tips do you have during isolation? Do you have an isolation bucket list yet? Or do you have a daily schedule?

You can download my left-hand illustrations and more for free from my content resources.

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